Introducing Seeds of Change: McGill’s newest philanthropic fundraising group

Introducing Seeds of Change: McGill’s newest philanthropic fundraising group

Welcome to Seeds of Change!
McGill students and alumni, please let us introduce ourselves – we’re Seeds of Change, the newest initiative from the McGill Alma Mater Fund, created solely to help the people driving grassroots projects raise funds to make McGill, Montreal, and the world, a better place to live.

The projects we support are mainly student-focused and student-driven and are working to change lives and landscapes. With initiatives from greening McGill’s campuses to Med students providing health care in remote areas of Uganda, you have the power to help make the world a better place and support the McGill community on its quest to do the same.

And in each case, with just a little help from you, our inspired participants can take their work to the next level.

Seeds of Change projects
After the holidays, you’ll hear more about Seeds of Change, its projects and the people behind it all. Until then, we’ll whet your appetites with a brief rundown of who these project partners are:

•    Deep-Fried Fuel
•    Gorilla Composting
•    Engineers Without Borders
•    Faculty of Arts Internship Program
•    Kibale Health and Conservation Project
•    McGill Dentistry Outreach Clinic

Now that you know the names, you can do a little digging on your own. With just a few clicks, you’ll see that the people behind these projects are no lightweights. They’re out there, right now, changing the world.

What you can do
Ok, here’s the pitch: We need your help. A few dollars can make a huge difference to these projects, because the people behind them know how to stretch a buck. After all, they’re students just like you and how many times have you found a way to turn a few boxes of Kraft Dinner and a bottle of ketchup into two weeks of gourmet meals?

At the same time, we understand that you don’t want to give your hard-earned money blindly, and we respect that. You should always have the right to follow where your donations are going and the impact they’re making. That’s why we have set up a program that will give you all the ins and outs of your favourite project.

We’re putting the final touches on a brand new website, and once it’s up and running you will be able to use it to look through all the projects and their anticipated budgets, see how much has already been raised, and learn exactly how your cash is being turned into lasting change. Our partners will be able to use this new site as a way to report on the impact your giving is making and to keep us informed as to when and how objectives are being met.

The time is now
You have the power to make a difference in the life of your neighbour – whether across the street or around the world.

There are so many worthwhile, up-and-coming projects that have been started out of passion and dedication, but they can’t be successful without support from students and alumni like you. So please, take a day off from your Starbucks fix, your slice of pizza on the way home, or maybe even your night of partying, and help your favourite Seeds of Change project grow to its full potential.  Donate now!*

Thanks for your support! And keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the near future.

*Maybe you’re thinking, “I can’t donate now! I have tuition to pay, books to buy, beer to drink!” Well, you’re in luck, because you can get involved in other ways, such as:

•    Forwarding this information to a friend
•    Volunteering for one of the programs we sponsor
•    Using the “Share This” button to spread the word on your favourite social networks

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