Introducing Class Action 2010

Introducing Class Action 2010

The following text is the latest installment in a series of articles introducing the people and projects that make up Seeds of Change, the latest fundraising initiative from the McGill Alma Mater Fund.

McGill students are class acts
At Seeds of Change, we know graduating students have a lot on their minds: finishing classes, starting the job search, and worrying about what they’ll look like in that funny cap and gown. That’s why we’re always doubly impressed when students find the time, energy and money to support Class Action.

This annual fundraising initiative supplies much-needed cash flow to a worthy project – one that will make McGill a better place for future generations. How do we know the projects reflect your values and beliefs? Well, students like you decide what to support and then lead the charge to get their peers involved.

Green grads
In the past, graduating students have used the power of Class Action to raise funds for everything from libraries to the athletics complex. But recently, they’ve turned their sights toward the environment and sustainability projects, such as Deep Fried Fuel, Gorilla Composting and the installation of heat-reflector shields in certain residences on campus. Each eco-friendly class went on to one-up its predecessors, raising more money than any previous graduating class at McGill.

Taking a bite out of harmful emissions
Class Action 2010 funds will help purchase an electric utility vehicle for use on campus. The Office of Sustainability dug deep into current research about the most cost-effective models on the market and eventually decided to purchase the John Deere Electric Gator. They feel this lean, green machine will best demonstrate the benefits of using fossil-fuel-free vehicles at the University – namely no noise and zero emissions.

A breath of fresh air
Class Actioners expect the E-Gator to have an immediate impact around campus, when it replaces traditional trucks that are loud and release hyrdocarbon pollutants into the atmosphere. The University will use the state-of-the-art vehicle for general grounds-keeping duties, campus maintenance, recycling and garbage collection, and the delivery of organic waste to our composter. As a result, future McGill students, and in fact everyone in downtown Montreal, will breathe a little easier.

Got James?
You’re probably asking yourself, “Who’s that funny guy popping up on this post and throughout the Seeds of Change website?” If he looks vaguely familiar, it’s because that is a bobblehead of James McGill, the founder of McGill University.

To celebrate the launch of Seeds of Change, we’re giving this Mini-McGill away to students who donate to Class Action 2010. Make a $20.10* gift and you will receive your very own James McGill bobblehead. Give now and one of our team will contact you about how to pick up this special reminder of your time at McGill.

Visit the Seeds of Change website to learn more about how you can help Class Action 2010 and get your own James McGill bobblehead.

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