Guest blog: On Graduating from Mac Campus by Skyler Veazey

Guest blog: On Graduating from Mac Campus by Skyler Veazey

Skyler Veazey graduated with a Bachelors degree in Food Science from the Macdonald Campus. She also delivered the Valedictorian’s address during the May 28 Convocation, and sent us this post after Convocation.

The Macdonald Campus kicked off the first of 12 convocation ceremonies on May 28. The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing, and the campus was alive with anticipation. All of us graduates were scurrying around in our black robes and green tassels trying to catch up with the friends that we had not seen since our last exams, while being hurried by the ushers into numerical order.

From my seat in the audience, the ceremony passed faster than I had expected. Before I knew it, Chancellor Steinberg declared me, and over 300 of my peers, graduated. The caps went flying and the piper led us out of the tent.

The ceremony and days following gave me a lot of time to look back on my past four years on MacDonald Campus. The intimacy of our campus community was evident at the convocation. As the graduates were called across the stage to receive their diplomas the applause was continuous from all sections of the tent. At one point or another most of us had encountered or interacted with each other or even just recognized each other from the hallways between classes. At the reception, wishes of luck and happiness were extended from professors, administrators, security personnel, and between students in different programs.

Slideshow of Macdonald Campus Convocation

And as I have seen from other alumni that have returned, memories made at McGill do not fade quickly. The snowball fights on ploughed mounds of snow throughout campus, the potluck dinners in Laird Hall, the springtime blossoms in the Arboretum, and the Woodsmen Competitions (which always seem to fall on the coldest days of the year) will be remembered fondly for years to come. Even the professors stood out. Their offices were always open for times when I needed extra help in understanding a concept and they asked their students’ opinion before planning of exams so that they did not overlap too much with other courses. This gave us an opportunity to actually learn the material instead of just attempting to memorize it the night before.

Life will take all of us graduates in many different directions. A number of us will enter the workforce, others are going home to their family farms, and some will pursue a new university degree in the coming months. Yet, for a few years, our varied paths crossed in Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue. My peers opened my eyes to new perspectives and ideas, which, as I now continue my journey as a McGill alumnus, have helped to steer me in the right direction.

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