Class Action 2012 Kicks Off

Class Action 2012 Kicks Off

Class Action 2012: OMG (Our McGill Greenhouse)

It’s that time of year again: Class Action, the student-driven fundraising campaign, kicks off to raise money for a new and exciting initiative. Students voted on their favorite project, and their decision was clear – they picked the on-campus greenhouse project.

This year, students of the Class of 2012 will donate $20.12 (to commemorate their graduating year) to help fund this project. Not only will they help McGill provide healthy food options to students and make campus more sustainable, but it will also be a great way for them to leave their mark on the University, long after convocation.

This green initiative will engage many people from the McGill community:

- an architecture student will design the greenhouse

- ‘upcycled’ windows from a McGill building on Pine Ave will be incorporated into the structure

- the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) will  manage the building

- Campus Crops (a student-run urban gardening initiative at McGill) will use the space to grow produce

- Midnight Kitchen (a non-profit food collective based out of McGill) will benefit from some of the greenhouse-grown fruits and veggies when they provide ‘free/by donation’ vegan lunches for students at the Shatner building

OMG onlyThese are just some of the initial groups who will benefit. Surely there will be many more as the structure grows and incorporates itself into the fabric of campus life.

The greenhouse will break ground in the summer, and will be located in the courtyard adjacent to the James Administration building. This structure will be productive from March to December, extending the short Montreal growing season by over three months.

A dedicated group of student volunteers make up the Class Action 2012 committee. They have helped plan and implement the campaign by doing everything from posting on facebook, to presenting the project at the start of classes, to volunteering at “Class Action Cupcake Mondays in March,” a fun event in which we give away cupcakes to students to spread the word about the campaign.

We look forward to seeing the fruits of our labour! To make a gift to Class Action 2012, click here.

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