The Hike Up Mont Royal

The Hike Up Mont Royal

Hi, I’m Fehn Foss: first year student at McGill University and an enthusiastic, budding writer here to hopefully give an engaging and entertaining account on what it’s like to start on the next big journey in life.  Here’s my third post of the fall semester.

Sometimes Sunday rolls around and I find myself with little work to do and a beautiful day. The sun reaches its arms of light through my living room window leaving bars of warm, bright carpet and imbues my Solin apartment with a cheery atmosphere. Feeling the warmth register in my feet as I step into one of the stripes of light, I decide that it would be a shame not to go on an adventure. So, after packing up a lunch and coercing my roommate to come along, the two of us grab our bikes, shove everything into my backpack, and head out for Mont Royal.


Image: Fehn Foss

The autumn air is the perfect temperature that –as it whips past– ignites every sinew and muscle with fiery warmth as they combat the elements. As we reach the bottom edge of the park, my roommate and I decide to find a place to park our bikes so we can walk up to the top of Mont Royal for the view that so many have raved about. She looks back and grins at me: “I’m so glad we did this.” I can’t help nodding my head vigorously: yes, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. With pink cheeks and frozen fingers, we start the gravel path up to our destination. Both sides of the path are lined with trees bursting with fall colours -each tree trying to best the next. Reds, oranges, yellows, browns mix and meld together and paint the day with their radiant colours. All around us, we see the evidence of this pristine day displayed across the faces of all our fellow hikers. Families out for a mid-day stroll, joggers enjoying some scenery while they exercise, lovers unable to take their eyes off each other, and friends just happy for something to do outside, all seem to be enjoying this day almost as much as I am.


Image: Fehn Foss

Finally, we get through the last set of stairs and step onto the stone plateau –a grey expanse stretching out towards the edge of Mont Royal, stretching out to kiss the sky and loom over the city below. Whipping out my camera, I start snapping photos with an almost compulsory need.

Slipping past families and others trying to feast their eyes, we make it to the front of the balustrade and take it all in: the fall colours add life to the otherwise grey and blue world of Montreal skyscrapers. Being able to see for miles, I get the full effect of how grand this new city is that I’m living in. I take a few pictures of my roommate and I to commemorate our sightseeing mission and we go sit down for a lunch break.


Image: Fehn Foss

Our pasta salad reflects the colour palette of the trees as I munch through red peppers, green broccoli, and the beige-brown tofu. Feeling well-fed and as though I achieved something worthwhile with my day, I am calm and content as we make our way back down to our bikes. Knowing that this won’t be the last time I find myself at the top of Mont Royal, I’m excited to get home and sift through my photos knowing there are sure to be a few gems.

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