Live sustainably! Some energy conservation tips from McGill

Fri, Nov 30, 2012

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Live sustainably! Some energy conservation tips from McGill

McGill’s Office of Sustainability has some advice on reducing your energy footprint

Even though you’ve graduated, you are part of the McGill family, and we like to keep our extended family informed about new and innovative ways to protect the environment being developed right here on campus.

Martin Krayer Von Krauss, Manager of McGill’s Office of Sustainability, helps lead one of these groundbreaking initiatives. Through the Vision 2020 Project, a community-driven consultation process, he and his colleagues have defined a vision for your alma mater’s future—big ideas and actionable plans for creating a more sustainable McGill, and a more sustainable society

We asked Krayer Von Krauss to suggest some strategies for reducing energy consumption in our everyday lives.

Krayer von Krauss shared the following tips for simple ways to reduce your energy consumption:


  1. KEEP IT LOCAL: Reduce your carbon footprint and your expenses by enjoying the many activities offered within your own city or surrounding area. The next time your friends or family suggest taking a vacation to an exotic location, consider proposing a more local alternative, like a canoe trip in a beautiful park close to home. Or, if you do decide to fly to a far-flung locale, encourage your companions to invest in an initiative that offsets the carbon impact of your trip. Organizations such as Sustainable International Travel have some great information on how to do this.
  1. EAT GREEN: Consider altering your diet to be more “energy light.” This means reducing the amount of red meat you consume, as it is very energy intensive to produce. Greens and grains, on the other hand, require less energy to grow and harvest. A plant-based diet is also more nutritious, so you will contribute to your own health in addition to the well-being of the planet.

  1. USE PUBLIC TRANSIT: By sharing the ride with your fellow citizens, you will save money on fuel, and do the environment a big favour.

  1. MAKE A QUICK SWITCH: by simply swapping out incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with lower energy light bulbs—such as fluorescent or LED—you will greatly reduce your energy consumption, and your monthly bill, too.

  1. BE A CHANGE AGENT: by proposing alternative, eco-friendly ideas to your friends and family, you can help people consider the environmental impact of their choices. To return to the earlier example, by suggesting local activities over destination ones, you are proposing an alternative that still creates a fun, shared experience without a negative impact on the climate.

The Office of Sustainability is just one area at McGill making our environment better with the help of financial support from McGill alumni to the Alma Mater Fund. If you would like to add your support, please click here.


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