3 questions: Brian Fetherstonhaugh

3 questions: Brian Fetherstonhaugh

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Brian Fetherstonhaugh, BCom’79 is the Chairman & CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide.

Brian leads a global network of 4,300 people in 50 countries who specialize in interactive and digital marketing. His firm works with clients like IBM, American Express, Unilever, Nestle, British Airways and IKEA.

Drawing on lessons learned leading and managing in a fast-paced industry, Brian shares his answers to our 3 Questions:

1- What inspires you in your career?

I draw energy from three sources :  Working for big ambitious brands.  Working on new trends and technologies. Working with exuberant young people.

2- What, if any, are the broad patterns or themes that define your career path?

My career seems to have been written in three chapters .  1. Build a foundation of skills – lots of training and experiences in the fundamentals of marketing and advertising at Procter & Gamble and then Ogilvy & Mather Canada. 2. Figure out what I’m really good at and really focus there.  This stage happened about 15 years into my career, and has lasted for at least a decade.  3. “Pass the torch” – - start to get really involved in mentoring, succession, teaching and advisory roles.  This is where I am focusing a fair bit of time right now.

3- What is the best career advice you have ever received or given?

Most people vastly underestimate how long a career actually lasts.  Careers are marathons often lasting more than forty years.  Most people treat them like a sprint, and they’ll often run out of gas just when it’s getting interesting. You need everything you need in a marathon.  Ambition and a basic plan.  Some training.  A start that may not put you in the early lead, but positions you to do well over the long haul. Pit stops and nutrition breaks.  And lots of supporters along the way.

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