Briefcase not always required; Lisa Kisber talks personal style, fashion and what not to wear to work.

Briefcase not always required; Lisa Kisber talks personal style, fashion and what not to wear to work.

Lisa Kisber, BA’01, BCL/LLB’05, founder of and Official Style blogger at Virgin Radio, arrived with flair, wearing McGill red, sipping a coffee, and tweeting about our event. A room full of women including students, recent grads, and seasoned professionals was there to hear what Lisa was going to tell us about how to dress for success.

DFS3The building blocks of personal style and body types

First, Lisa talked about the building blocks of personal style and body types. Bottom line; find what appeals to you, feel confident and experiment so that you can find your own personal style.

Next she covered trends and how not all trends fit every body type. We are not all created equally, so let’s not assume that we can all pull off capris, skinny jeans, or maxi dresses.

She talked about appropriate work place attire and covered how to dress for various job interviews.

Tips from the top

Lisa provided a great list of sites to start guests on their fashion inspiration journeys:

Online Shopping resources For inspiration/style ideas

However, the gems of her talk were her witty and straightforward quick rules for the workplace which I will happily share with you;

  • Dress for the job you want not the job you have
  • A good suit is a must-have
  • Invest in the basics
  • Every day is an interview
  • Sexy is not an option
  • Get a good tailor (Nick Le Tailleur, 5500, Queen-Mary, Montréal, QC H3X 1V6, 514-488-4556)
  • Don’t follow all trends, just the ones that work for you
  • No toes in the workplace
  • If you go extreme in one direction, do not go extreme in another
  • Follow your boss’s example
  • Trends do not come back in the same way, they will look dated
  • Clean lines, proper and pristine
  • Personality is still allowed

The crowd was clearly happy to be there.

There was a fantastic question period where women asked about casual Fridays (never wear jeans), how to dress for a speaking event (NO patterns), is bold nail polish appropriate in the workplace (wear it on your toes), and what color suit to invest in (a dark one).

Bottom line: know your work environment, take stock, and dress to fit in. Stick to what’s appropriate, but find a way to show your personality through shoes, accessories, or hair/makeup. It’s ok to make mistakes, tomorrow is another day. Most important; really get to know your own style so you can feel confident in what you are wearing and let your work speak for itself.


Joshua David Samples

Fabulous clothing samples displayed along the wall were generously provided by Joshua David (

For more information on Lisa, check her out online at,

Twitter: @LKISStyle

A few pictures of the event:

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